The unique principle of perpetual dynamism is derived axiomatically through combinatorial mathematics for the first time in the history of Physics and Cosmology .


Read Book Part 2 Secret of Sankhya : Axiomatic Universe Complete Sutras.

Read Book Part 1 Secret of Sankhya : Acme of Scientific Unification. will expose for the first time, the profound mathematical foundation in the Sankhyakarika (Sankhya). The Sankhyakarika by Maharishi Kapila forms an axiomatic, mathematical core of the Bhagavadgita. Authors of previous translations missed exposing its mathematical content for a number of historical reasons (which I have explained in my article in World Affairs). Briefly Sankhya axiomatic mathematics covers cosmology, gravitation and particle physics, all of which are very advanced in its concept & presentation. It presents all phenomenon as a holographic state through two new principles of simultaneity and self-similarity, neither of which exist in current physics & cosmology. I believe that it’s exposure and its subsequent acceptance by the present scientific community will be of much significance. It has the potential to become a textbook for deriving the principles of simultaneity and self-similarity through a combinatorial system of mathematics based on axioms. The importance of Sankhya is emphasised doubly when one understands that none of the theories in physics or cosmology are based on axioms. Sankhya mathematics provides a unified field theory; totally compatible with the current concepts in science and predicts principles that are yet to be discovered in physics. It gives total credence and mathematical validity to the field theory of Kshetrajna in the Bhagavadgita and thereby places it in the archives of fundamental holistic science. The Sankhya theory forms the foundation of Siddhi meditative practices expounded in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

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