Holographic Aura

The PHO state in space forms a dynamic holographic form that represents all manifest phenomena. The components in the substratum as the Purusha and Moolaprakriti states create resonant harmonic forms that can be detected by photographing the stress potential in its simultaneous interactive state. The photos below created by exposing kodak instant developing films by triggering a quartz crystal across a spark gap shows the stress forms.

A silver coin


The memory of finger tips on glass


All manifestation being only a hologram formed on the Purusha Moolaprakriti oscillatory states any object’s stress forms in the three Guna form of the PHO state can be captured. The holographic concept gave rise to the spiritual concept of manifestation. Each pix is explained below. The three Guna stress forms as Thama or dense , Raja or resonant and Satva as radiant and expansive form the equivalent nuclear simultaneous interactive state of the core in black . The resonant state of Raja being the transition state of the electromagnetic stress , is seen as the blue coloured section and is the electronic shell region. The radiant state of Satva is the yellow to gold coloured region where the neutrino of seven levels transmigrate and all 7 of them are displaced simultaneously it forms the radiant photon or quantum which contains the seven neutrino spectrum of seven colors as a single entity.

The finger tips after achieving a Siddhi state of meditation at 3.57 cps or theta state


The word "THOUGHT" captured in quartz crystal by projecting it into the glass..


The holographic form is visible only because the fundamental bed of components in space are perpetually oscillating at 2.965 E+8 cycles / time cycle and the stress form is kept in balance at 3.571428 cycles per second as a volumetric . All these numerical values are derived from Sankhya through axioms and is shown in the PHO pdf.

The alpha state of mind when entering into the siddhi state.


The magnet and its field is no different than the human body showing that PHO state as gravity is the cause of the electromagnetic state as a hologram.